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From the biblical desert of Qumran, to the covert offices of the British Secret Service. From the dark clouds of the nuclear aspirations of the President of Nair, to the sunshine of Florida and the NASA Space Centre. A story unfolds that will determine the future of the world.

The plot against mankind spans millennia and time is running short. The only defence is Peter Jennings, the latest Overseer, appointed by the Angels to save the human race from itself. Throughout the ages Overseers have helped the human race to advance. From primitives discovering fire, iron and bronze, to moderns advancing science and technology.

This time,the very destiny of mankind is at stake.

Peter has three tasks, the like of which no previous Overseer has had to face.

While mindful that he has to keep his powers secret, Peter wheedles his way into EZRA, a little known branch of the British Secret Service. He is sent to Nair to establish the extent of their progress into nuclear science. Soon, he makes a discovery that rings alarm bells back in Britain.

With American technology required to deal with Nair, Peter is sent to Florida to work with Dr William Richards, a brilliant physicist, with one unfortunate failing. He would rather be solving the ancient mysteries of the Torah than developing the world's most fearsome weapon.

In a battle against time, Peter and Dr Richards must free the world of the tyranny that threatens to destroy it.

The help they need can only come from the distant past but can they unlock the secrets of the ancient writings in time? And just how does the number eleven, that features so prominantly in the modern world, connect the past to the present?

This book introduces the world to the Overseer. An extraordinary man, armed only with the hidden powers of his mind. Powers that one day, if he can keep the secrets of mankind's destiny, may evolve to you and me.

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