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I wanted to write ever since I was at school. I made the mistake of thinking that I couldn’t earn a living and find time to write. Big mistake.

Any budding authors out there, don’t you do the same.

My first book, Overseer, came as a result of research I carried out that turned up some surprising results. It’s classified as “fantasy” but the science behind it has been verified by far better brains than mine.

Cover of Overseer

From the biblical desert of Qumran, to the covert offices of the British Secret Service. From the dark clouds of one man’s nuclear aspirations, to the sunshine of Florida and the NASA Space Centre. A story unfolds that will determine the future of the world.

Throughout the ages Overseers, appointed by the Angels, have helped the human race to advance. From primitives discovering fire, iron and bronze, to moderns advancing science and technology.

Peter Jennings is the latest Overseer. He teams up with Dr William Richards, a brilliant American physicist, with one flaw. He would rather be solving the ancient mysteries of the Torah than fighting the perils of the modern world.

Peter Jennings, an extraordinary man, armed only with the hidden powers of his mind. Powers that one day, if he can keep the secrets of mankind's destiny, may evolve to you and me.

Overseer is available from Amazon.co.uk  for the Kindle
and from Smashwords.com for all other formats

I don’t know why, but I started to think of the town in which I grew up, Croydon, and what it was like in the early sixties. It was rapidly changing and I remembered a young police woman I came into contact with and Jill Bennett was born.

In the 1960’s, the best detective the London Met never had.

Cover of Daddy's Girl

All her life, despite her father’s doubts, WPC Jill Bennett has wanted to be a detective. Not just any detective, but the best in the London Met.

But this is 1960 and in Z Division of the Metropolitan Police, before the infestation of political correctness, Superintendent Mahoney will have no female officer on the permanent strength of CID.

How can she make her dream come true?

Simply by being the best and when children begin to disappear from Elm Tree school, WPC Jill Bennett does just that.

Jill, a newly qualified police officer, embarks upon an investigation that sets her on a collision course with the men of CID. Only the 'Sarge', Station Sergeant Archie Wallburton, believes in Jill and urges her to stay with her dream.

Jill Bennett - In the 1960's, the best detective the Metropolitan Police never had. You can get to know her in her debut novel, Daddy's Girl.

Available as an e-book and a paperback.

Daddy’s Girl is available as an e-book from Amazon.co.uk for the Kindle and

From Smashwords.com for all other formats

Available as a paperback from Feed-a-Read.com.

Cover of Come Softly To Me

A cold-blooded murder, in a disused warehouse in Mitcham, brings unprecedented death and corruption to Croydon...and love to Jill Bennett.

Lieutenant Joe Bridges, an American exchange officer studying British police methods with Croydon CID, is quick to recognize the raw talents of WPC Jill Bennett.

Encouraged by Lt. Bridges, Jill finds herself on the investigating team, unaware of the dangers she will face as her quest for justice takes her from the very top of local politics down to the dregs of society.

When Jill starts to poke her nose into places where it’s not wanted, she is attacked on two sides. The criminals who want to silence her plan a horrifying end to the police woman who doesn’t know when to walk away.

And Superintendent Mahoney, Head of Croydon CID, is hovering in the wings, just waiting for her to fail…

Come Softly To Me is available as an e-book from Amazon.co.uk for the Kindle and

From Smashwords.com for all other formats

Available as a paperback from Feed-a-Read.com.

Cover of The One Nine Seven Murders

Her first day on the job in CID and Jill is thrust into one of the most blood-curdling murder cases to hit Croydon.

A mutilated body is discovered on the top deck of the one nine seven bus.

Is this an isolated incident or the start of something more sinister?

Jill knows she has to prove herself and it seems that the only person she can trust is her partner, Maisie, an ex-Special Operations agent from World War II with secrets of her own.

Can Jill cope with the jealousies and prejudice she has to face at work as well as Maisie’s past coming back to haunt her?

All, and more, is revealed in the
One Nine Seven Murders…

The One Nine Seven Murders is available as an e-book from Amazon.co.uk for the Kindle

And from Smashwords.com for all other formats

Available as a paperback from Feed-a-Read.com.

Look out for further adventures for Jill Bennett as she fights crime in Croydon of the 1960’s

I hope you get as much pleasure from reading the stories as I got in writing them

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