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In the following pages you will find content that I hope will be informative, amusing and entertaining.

I can promise you that everything has been the subject of intense research and verification.

You may come across things that will challenge all that you have previously been taught. All I ask is that you approach it with an open mind.

Truth, really is, stranger than fiction.

Japanese Plesiorsaur

For example in 1977, thirty miles off the coast of Christchurch, New Zealand, a Japanese fishing vessel landed a catch that blew the theory of evolution out of the water.

A creature was landed that just shouldn’t have been there.

It shouldn’t have been there by millions of years.

This event was followed by one of  the biggest cover ups the world has seen.

The scientific world went to enormous lengths to hide the discovery.

One man, Doctor William Cooper, of England, made a study of the phenomenon and you can listen to his findings on You Tube.

Just go to Dr William Cooper and you can judge for yourself.

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